Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Aaron: Writer's Block

I'm a professional screenwriter. When I was starting out, I could write 10, 15, 20 pages in a single sitting. Ideas would flow freely, and I'd look forward to beginning a new day of writing.

Then, I had some personal troubles that somehow rendered me completely unable to face the blank page. I would do anything to avoid writing: run errands, see friends, eat an extra meal, and so on. And when I'd finally force myself to sit down at the computer, I'd just waste a bunch of time checking email and reading endless articles until my eyes hurt and I was too groggy to write anyway. It got so bad that I'd sit down at the computer for 4+ hours at a time and wouldn't even open Final Draft (the screenwriting software).

My therapist recommended I try hypnotherapy. I thought why not. Best decision I've made in the past 5 years. I've had 4 sessions now. The first two completely broke my block, and allowed me to face the task of writing with confidence rather than fear and anxiety. The last two sessions have been about exploring ideas I have in vivid detail in a "hypnotic daydream". I come home from each session full of ideas. I know this sounds cliched, but I am spilling words and scenes onto the page as fast as I can type them. I've finished two full length screenplays in the past 5 weeks since I started hypnosis.

Hypnosis has me a more disciplined writer and a better writer. I couldn't recommend Ilan more highly to any writer who's feeling a little bit (or a lot) stuck.