Monday, February 7, 2011

Maggie: Nail Biting

Having been a chronic cuticle/nail biter for seven years, I was willing to try anything to stop. My father offered to pay for a lifetime of manicures if I succeeded, and I had spent my fair share on a gamut of products that promised to heal my self-inflicted wounds. The problem was that biting my fingers was not a deliberate habit; the act of putting my fingers in my mouth had, over time, become completely inadvertent, like blinking or swallowing. After a visit to Ilan, the biting ceased. I became far more aware of my hands and how I used them. While tempted a few times immediately following the hypnosis to bite my nails, these urges soon passed.

While nail-biting seems like a minor habit, it was a source of significant embarrassment for me. Ilan's help in addressing the problem and repressing the impulse to bite has been invaluable. Kicking these small habits can lend you a large amount of confidence.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Marcus: Smoking

I started smoking when I first moved to New York 18 years ago. I've flirted with quitting over the years with no success. Now that I'm all grown up with two little girls at home, I knew I had to quit to be a healthy role model and live a long, full life. A friend referred me to Ilan. The session was really interesting. He asked questions to draw out my motivations. He understood why I liked smoking, and was completely non-judgmental. The hypnosis was very relaxing and cool - I felt some faint urges during the first couple days, but after that, nothing. I haven't had a cigarette since our appointment! (I'm writing this a month later)