Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hannah: Weight Loss

I've lost 30 pounds since my first (of two) hypnosis sessions with Ilan six months ago!

My problems were late night snacking, and lack of motivation to get my butt to the gym. I gave Ilan a detailed account of my issues, including previous diets and programs that I have tried to little or no avail. Ilan designed two hypnosis sessions to fit my needs -- one to address the snacking, and another the next day for the exercise motivation.

The results were incredible. I stopped snacking at night, and I don't know a better way to describe it other than I've experienced a change in my consciousness when I eat. I'm more mindful of what's going on as I take each bite, and I don't always automatically finish everything on my plate like I used to. I started going to the gym like I had a million times before, but this time I've stuck with it for 6 months, and I'm showing no signs of stopping! I am thrilled, my husband is thrilled, my kids are thrilled!

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