Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kyle: Nail Biting

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I am a chronic, psycho, lifelong nail biter. Actually, I was, up until a month ago. A good friend of mine, Ilan, learned to hypnotize and offered to give me a session. I never had any interest in being hypnotized or in really dealing with the whole nail-biting issue yet. But since he offered, I decided to go for it.

Being hypnotized is kind of like therapy. You talk about the issue and why you do it. Then he hypnotizes you. For me it felt like there was a black curtain drawn behind my eyes. One part of me was aware that I was in his office, that he was trying to hypnotize me, that I was trying to be a “good” client, but another part was deeply relaxed and very open to the what was happening. While hypnotized, we continued to talk about the issue…

When I came out of it, I felt very groggy and tired. My head hurt in a very subtle, kinda weird way but of course, I just shrugged it off. I was very unclear if it had worked or anything like that, but since I truly had no expectations for the session, I wasn’t too concerned. Cut to a month later and I have had no desire to bite my nails!! It’s a miracle! Thank you, Ilan!!

UPDATE: One year later, I haven't bit my nails once. My nails are long, healthy, and gorgeous, and I feel great about myself every time I look at them.

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